Positive and negative pressure isolators adapted to suit a multitude of applications in the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, food and manufacturing industries.

Nuclear Medicine

Negative pressure technetium, blood labelling and bespoke isolators designed specifically for the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals for nuclear medicine.

Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Class 1, 2, 3 and 3/1 safety cabinets designed to suit work in clinical investigations, medical research, drug development, cancer research, tissue culture, laboratories, etc.

Unidirectional Airflow Products

Horizontal and vertical laminar flow cabinets used for applications in research, processing and packaging, medical device assembly, aerospace research, universities, laboratories and industry.

Powder Handling Products

Powder handling booths designed to meet the needs of pharmaceutical and industrial companies for the work with fine powders, process machinery, dust shedding materials, etc.

Fume Cupboards

Standard and bespoke variants suitable for personnel and environmental protection whilst handling harmful agents in a wide range of disciplines.

Cleanroom Chairs

A variety of options to suit the required level of comfort for each individual


Bespoke products based on customer inspired designs.