Class III Microbiological Safety Cabinets Bio 3+ and Bio 3/1+

The Envair Bio 3+ is a totally enclosed 'glove box' that provides operator safety and product protection for the handling of biological agents up to and including ACDP Hazard Group 4 (subject to proper sitting, operation and maintenance) and has the following features:

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Model Designations:

3+ D
The Bio 3+D is a standard Class III microbiological safety cabinet which is designed to exhaust HEPA filtered air to atmosphere via a dedicated duct and remote extract fan. The workspace is totally enclosed and access to the work space is by the use of gloves or gauntlets set into the visor
3/1+ D
The Bio 3/1+D is a 'hybrid' cabinet that is designed to operate in Class III mode as above or in Class I mode. In Class III mode, access to the workspace is via gloves or gauntlets set into a removable closure panel. The conversion to Class I mode is easily accomplished by removing the closure panel and fixing blanking plate(s) over the inlet HEPA filter(s). Note: Commissioning and routine testing for the Bio 3/1+ must always be in both modes