CDC F Cytotoxic Dispensing Isolators

Negative pressure isolators for safe aseptic reconstitution and dispensing of cytotoxic drugs.

Pharm-Assist Isolators

Positive pressure isolators for aseptic preparation and dispensing of IV additives and TPNs.

Negative Pharm-Assist Isolators

Negative pressure isolators, based on the established Pharm-Assist design, for handling of powders and liquids that are hazardous to personnel.

Customer Specified Isolators

Bespoke isolators for a wide variety of applications in primary and secondary pharma, medical device manufacturing and biotechnology.

Sterility Test Isolators

Single or multi-chamber isolators for batch handling of samples for sterility testing.

Controlled Atmosphere Isolators

Controlled atmosphere isolators for laboratory and small scale manufacturing processes that require a dry or low oxygen or inert atmosphere.

Micro-Iso and Mini-Iso

Simple transparent acrylic portable cost-effective bench-top isolators designed to operate at positive pressure for product protection.