Customer Specified Isolators

Bespoke isolators for a wide variety of applications in primary and secondary pharma, medical device manufacturing and biotechnology.

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  • Isolators for safe offloading, charging, sub-dividing, pre-formulation and dispensing of APIs from suppliers’ containers
  • Simple secure containment isolators for valves (such as split butterfly valves) for hoppers, vessels and reactors


  • Single and multi-chamber isolators for gassing with vapour-phase hydrogen peroxide
  • Weighing isolators

Medical Devices:

  • Isolators for drug eluting stents
  • Isolators for drug eluting bead products
  • Biotechnology
  • Isolators for stem cell work
  • Isolators for gene therapy

Isolators can be designed to the customer’s URS with the following features or options:

  • Positive or negative pressure
  • Unidirectional or turbulent airflow
  • Single or multi-chambers
  • Mechanical and control (PLC) interfaces with other equipment such as filling machines, weighing equipment, freeze dryers, autoclaves, vapourised hydrogen peroxide systems etc
  • Incorporation of mechanical handling devices, actuated doors and seals etc
  • Designs can range from simple adaptations of Envair’s standard designs to completely non-standard designs that nevertheless retain many of Envair’s established design features. Wooden mock-up are often used to optimise designs prior to manufacture.