HLF Horizontal Unidirectional (Laminar) Airflow Cabinets

The Envair HLF horizontal unidirectional airflow cabinet is a bench-mounted clean air workstation that provides an ultra-clean working environment for numerous applications in pharmaceutical research, manufacture and dispensing, medical device manufacturing, micro-electronics assembly and semi-conductor production, in fact any non-hazardous application that requires ultra-clean air.

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Unidirectional air flow
Variable speed super silent fans
Helps clean up room air
No effect on room pressures
Easy to install
Available on a mobile frame for convenient movement
Sterile air conditions within minutes of starting
DOP Test Port
Inexpensive to purchase and to operate
Clear Side Screens

Optional Accessories:

Filter pressure differential gauge
Digital airflow meter
316L stainless steel work surface (standard on mild steel and stainless steel units)
ULPA Filters
UV Lights
Table frame with lockable castors or levelling feet
Vari-Height stand (illustrated)
Service Taps (i.e. Vacuum, Compressed Air, etc)
Electrical Sockets