VLF R Vertical Unidirectional (Laminar) Airflow Cabinets

The Envair VLF vertical unidirectional airflow cabinet is a bench-mounted clean air workstation that provides an ultra-clean working environment for aseptic manipulations where a degree of operator protection might be desirable. The vertical unidirectional airflow is 'contained' within the cabinet until it reaches the bottom of the visor and is therefore less susceptible to entrainment of contamination from the surrounding room air.

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EU GMP Grade A or ISO Class 5 air quality or better
Stainless steel work surface
Variable speed super-silent fans
Full instrumentation and DOP test ports
Optional extras include Vari-Height stand, ULPA filters for even better quality air, service taps (i.e. vacuum compressed air, etc) and electrical sockets
Available in stainless steel or polyester coated mild steel in 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m nominal widths (Other sizes available to order)